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2/9/2022 - Another Week at HFC

My morning devotional reading took me to Psalm 119. Verse 97 begins, “Oh, how I love your law”. Do I? Do you? If the answer is yes than it requires us to think about God’s law from a perspective different than the climate of our times. Societal rules that set boundaries which I deem in conflict with my sense of fairness I can disregard. After all, “rules are made to be broken”. Don’t we champion those courageous trend-setters? And those who enforce the rules automatically become enemy #1. Let’s back up and rethink this through the eyes of the Psalmist. “Oh how I love your law”. Why? Vs. 98: they make me wiser; Vs. 99: I have more insight; Vs. 100: I have more understating; Vs. 101: they keep my feet from evil. In other words, I love God’s law/Word because it provides a path for every good I desire and need. If you’ve ever stood on a subway platform you’ll see a sign with this rule: “don’t touch the third rail”. There are two other rails the trains run on, but the third rail carries the power. I may consider that rule unjust and a limit on my personal freedoms but if you touch it: you’re dead! But “rules are made to be broken”. No, rules are made, especially God’s rules/law/Word is given to open the way for good, my good, God’s Good! To agree with this is not enough. To love God’s law is to DO what the psalmist does. Vs. 97: meditate on it all day long; Vs. 99: meditate on God’s statutes; Vs. 100: obey God’s precepts; Vs. 101: obey God’s Word; Vs. 103: consume God’s Word like the sweetness of honey; Vs. 104: intentionally reject evil. That’s how you know you love God’s law/Word. And by the way, to all those who do enforce our rules: we honor and respect you Blue!

- PK

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