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It's so obvious

“As plain as the nose on your face.” It was a favorite phrase of my grandparents. To this day I’m still not completely sure what it means but the image makes me laugh. When they used it they were making the point of how obvious something was. It was their way of saying “use your common sense, the solution is obvious”, as “plain as the nose on your face”. When we heard it, the grandkids, we would turn our eyes down and look at our own nose resulting in cross-eyed double vision. Try it. The next thing we’d hear is “stop that or your eyes will get stuck that way”. Of-course they won’t. Or will they? Matthew 9:6 But I want you to know that the Son of Man [Jesus] has authority on earth to forgive sins.” You can’t get more obvious than that. So why are so many living cross-eyed, unable to recognize the obvious: Jesus’ forgiveness is the only way to eternal life. That’s the message of Easter, preceded by Good Friday. That’s “as plain as the nose on your face”!

- PK

Good Friday: Noon – 3:00pm…come and go meditation and communion

Easter Sunday 10:30AM (no Sunday School) Egg-Hunt after church for kids 0-6th grade

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