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One of those days?

I was on my way to work today, not in a hurry, but the guy at the intersection I was stopped at was. He, or she, they were a blur as they sped by, gave no regard for the stop sign or that it was my turn to go. How rude! I yelled at them. They didn’t hear me but it did ease my irritation. Later I stepped out of the car and into a puddle. Another irritation (a wet one at that). Best thing is to get inside, where it’s safe. I turned on the light switch, a bulb blew. Ever have days like that? Oh the stories I’m sure you could tell. Things changed when I turned on my computer. My internet home screen is a daily Bible App. It’s the first thing I see. (except speeding cars) Guess I’m still a little irritated. Anyway, here’s what I read:

Ps. 119:162,164 - I rejoice in your promise like one who finds great spoil. Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous laws.

It’s easy for us, isn’t it, to keep track of the daily irritations, the personal slights, the inconvenient disruptions. But if I read the Psalmist right there is another choice. Instead of yelling at the next irritation I can choose to yell “hallelujah” at the singing birds, or shout “glory” at the passing butterfly, or scream praise at the morning sunrise. The Psalmist uses the number seven to mean, all day long I rejoice in the discovery of God’s presence. It’s a choice. It takes practice. But if you try you’ll soon discover the daily evidence of God’s love far outnumbers life’s irritations. So go ahead, shout at the next butterfly you see. It’s ok, they can’t hear. God does.

- PK

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