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Who's happy on mother's Day

I was, along with 140 million other Americans, walking the greeting card isles for a Mother’s Day card. Two actually, one for my mom and another for the amazing mother of my three daughters. There are hundreds to choose from expressing all kinds of sentiments yet nearly all of them have one thing in common: “Happy Mother’s Day”. That phrase is echoed in scripture: (Proverbs 23:25) May your mother rejoice; may she who gave you birth be joyful! Somehow that phrase seems upside down. Yes I want my mom to be happy and yes I hope each child is a source of a mom’s joy, but the one who is truly happy on Mother’s Day is me and you. It’s a happiness flowing from the blessing of care and warmth and nurture selflessly given. So truthfully, the one who is happy on Mother’s Day is me. Is it any wonder than when Jesus was fulfilling divine redemption on the cross he looked at his friend John and asked: “take care of my mother”. (John 19:27) Is there a hint of joy for Jesus in the recognition of his mom? I think so. And this Sunday, Mother’s Day, I know I’ll have joy for the mom’s in my life,  and so may they and yours also be happy on their recognition day. PK

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