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9/21/2022 - D.O.G. Days

Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn. I’m OK with that. Of-course it does mean I have to get used to a few new things: less daylight, cooler temps (eventually), no lawn mowing (eventually), raking leaves (yuk), and seasonal favorite pumpkin spice…in EVERYTHING! (no thank-you). OK, so maybe I’m not as OK with Autumn as I thought. (a moment of self-awareness) I think I’m beginning to understand why Autumn is the only season that has a nickname: FALL. It’s that time of year we see things fall: temperatures, leaves, daylight. It’s fall, it’s time to change, and some are unwelcome changes. Here’s the thing. Changes, welcomed and unwelcomed happen no matter the season; winter, spring, summer and yes, fall. You may be in the midst of change. It may be “falling” all around you. So instead of looking to where things land, look to this: (Isaiah 40:8) The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever. Wrap yourself today in the Word of your God. PK

Mark your calendar for Sunday, October 9 for Dinner On the Ground. Flier is attached.

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