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Several years ago we, a van load of teens, were on I-20 between MS state

line and Tuscaloosa AL headed east when all traffic came to a stop. We

sat for an hour and a half parked with the engine off. Did I mention it

was in a van FULL of teenagers? It's so frustrating having somewhere to

go and powerless to get there! So if you're reading this it's either off

our web page or it's been forwarded to you. Yesterday the hard drive on

my computer went corrupt. I hope to retrieve most of my data but in the

meantime I'm sitting with things to do and no way to get there...except

through patiently finding alternative routes. Once, during Jesus'

passion week, he was teaching in the temple and some Greek worshipers

came to Philip to ask if they could see Jesus (John 12: 20-32). Jesus, in frustration

wanted to go to them but something was in his way: the cross. Only

through the cross could He open a route to the Father's grace both for

Israel, Greeks and me and you. Traffic eventually started moving and

data can be rebuilt (including your email) and anyone who calls on the

name of Jesus will be saved. No waiting.


Sunday Night 5:30 Coastal Mission Area Worship gathering...Come and

Celebrate God!

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