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Which day is it again?

This is a week of “special” days. Today, of course, is May the 4th; “May the fourth (force) be with you”. If you don’t know by now it’s a Star Wars movie reference. I have to be honest. I’ve seen ALL the Star Wars movies including Rogue One & Solo and Clone Wars and....well, you get it, I’m a “galaxy far-far away” junkie. Back to special days. Tomorrow is May the 5th; “Cinco de Mayo”. Which by the way is not a Mexican holiday but we love it here in the U.S. And then there’s Sunday, May the 8th, Mother’s Day. All I’ll say here is it’s the busiest day for the restaurant industry, anything else could be considered blasphemy. We slap a title on a particular day, we celebrate it, honor it and move on to the next special day. What would happen if we decided to mark each day in our phone calendar as a Psalms 118:24 day: “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” If the force can be with me today, will not the Spirit be with me always? If I hunger for tacos May the 5th, might I hunger after God each day and be filled? If Moms = love and care does not God’s daily supply of all I need deserve my praise? YES, YES and YES! So no matter what the “special day” make today and every day a Psalms 118:24 day!

- PK


I’ve heard some of you have had trouble downloading with the QR codes for the prayer journal. Do this: go to either the Apple store or Play store and search for HALF-MILLION MOBILIZATION and download the app. Open and tap the day’s date and read the daily journal. Easy-peasy.

Sunday May 15, 5:30PM we’ll be hosting our mission-area (Meridian to the Coast) worship gathering. Plan to attend!

Saturday May 21 will be a special Worship Experience. We’re inviting our young people

0 – 18 years to showcase their talents. So if you have young’uns in your circle with talent, showcase them. Go to our web site for more info:

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