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Pride Cometh Before the Wipe-Out. Then What?

I was in my mid 20’s on a ski trip to Keystone Colorado with our youth group. My first time on skis. I had made several successful runs down the bunny hill after my beginner lessons when a few of us decided to hit the top of the mountain. We slid off the ski lift, no easy task for beginners, and made our way to the easy green slope. Off I went with the “pizza wedge” till a sudden downslope caused my speed to increase. I tried to adjust, my skis crossed, down I went…hard! One of my skis came off (they’re made to do that for protection) and slid about 20 feet downhill. I began sliding on my backside to catch up with my ski when another skier came to sliding stop beside me. “Hey mister, are you ok, that looked like a rough fall.” I looked up and it was a kid maybe eight or nine years old. “I’m good” and off he went swooshing down the hill. I said I wasn’t injured from the fall, well truthfully my ego was bruised. I had a choice. Head down to the warm clubhouse accepting skiing was not for me or get back on the lift and conquer the easy green run. Maybe even attempt a blue run. Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. And it was from the literal ash-heap that Job, after all his suffering, said these word in all humility:

I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth."

(Job 19:25)

So like Job, we all have a choice, give up or get back on our skis and follow Jesus. Lay aside our ego, our pride, our failure, humble ourselves and proclaim “I know my redeemer lives”.

I’ve attached a Lent Bible reading plan for the 40 days till Easter. Please check it out.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, March 19 for our first 2022 Encounter Gathering event. See the events page of the website for details!

- PK

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