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If you were in Easter’s worship service you’ll recognize this verse as we closed the service. Psalm 18:28-29 You, Lord, turn my darkness into light. With my God I can scale a wall. The verse has been following me since Sunday. It should follow all of us. Especially since Jesus’ resurrection is the light that dispels all darkness! He is the light of the world. But it’s the second part of the verse that excites me. Have you ever “hit the wall”? That area of your life that stops you in your tracks? It’s big. It’s sleepless nights. It’s loneliness, powerlessness, despair. It’s futile to go around it so you alter your path trying to put it behind you but there it is again; you’re boxed in. Some of our walls date back to our early years. They’ve shaped our identity. Some are of our own building. We hide them in shame. We know, on the other side of the wall, there’s freedom, forgiveness, peace. But again, the wall’s too big. For me and for you, yes, but not for the light of the world. He enables us to “scale a wall”. How? Let His light shine into our darkness. Open up your hurt, your pain, your hidden places and the God who lifted Jesus out of the grave will lift you over that insurmountable wall! That’s His promise. Pray it: with my God I can scale this ___________ wall.

- PK

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